At Kordsa diversity in human resources, sensitivity on human rights and the development of our employees form the foundation of our strong corporate culture. We consider the traditions and cultures of the countries we operate in and treat our people and communities responsibly in compliance with our Code of Business Ethics. We manage our human resources with practices based on our global strategy in five countries.


Our Human Resources Department is in charge of creating and executing our global HR strategy. We undertake activities such as recruitment and placement, wages and fringe benefits, performance management, organization and human resources review and succession planning, leadership and employee development, overseas assignments, strategic operations related to the organizational climate and similar processes in line with the corporate sustainability targets of our company.

At Kordsa, our approach towards our people is honest and fair, and we commit to a non- discriminative, safe and healthy working environment for all. We make sure our people enjoy their employee rights fully and properly, and we invest in their personal development. We respect their work-life balance, and support the volunteer work they do for appropriate social causes acting with social responsibility. In order to maintain these tenets in a rapidly changing social and economic context, we adopt the ethical principles of Sabancı Holding, a principal shareholder of Kordsa, and we train our people about our code of ethics which includes principles on human rights protection so that they can exercise their rights and responsibilities within this framework.

We organize various activities to expedite the orientation of our new recruits, and to promote relations with their coworkers, managers and the upper management. Some of these activities and actions aroused from focus group discussions following the employee engagement survey are; breakfasts with operations directors, a welcome gathering once a year to bring together the upper management and new recruits, roundtable meetings with the CEO and ELT where they listen to employees’ opinions and receive their feedback and white-collar / blue-collar interaction meetings.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

At Kordsa, we mainstream equality from recruitment to retirement providing equal work environment for men and women. We support our approach complying with the principles of international initiatives.

Kordsa is signatory to the Equality at Work Declaration ( announced to the business world by the Platform’s Co-Chair Ms. Güler Sabancı, under the auspices of United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles ( and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

Both of these platforms we support, work to fight against gender inequalities, encourage women’s participation in business life, empower women in decision-making mechanisms, and ensure that women enjoy opportunities and resources equally.

At Kordsa we provide equal opportunities for all our employees. We practice absolute equality in recruitment and placement based on our recruitment and placement procedure. We do not make discriminatory job postings, and we prioritize women when we evaluate applications and make job interviews.

Besides the fair working environment for hiring, working, and career planning for women, we also offer private health insurance that covers childbirth, and lactation rooms for their convenience.