Through our new products we developed with our know-how, we export technology as well as the knowledge and experience of Turkish engineering to the world. Kordsa is among the leading producers of Nylon 6.6 and HMLS polyester products in the world.


In product and service differentiation R&D and innovation which is an integral part of our corporate culture, is located at the foundation of our business strategy, together with operational excellence.

As our technology function at our R&D centers in Kocaeli and İstanbul, enables more effective conditions for production through its research and development activities on materials, processes and equipment, we achieve to be the market and technology leader, and offer our customers more competitive and innovative products.

As Kordsa we cooperate with institutions such as TÜBİTAK MAM (Marmara Research Center), Sabancı University, Boğaziçi University, Koç University, Bilkent University, University of Akron, the Tokyo Institute of Technology and Aachen University. In subject matters that come up in our projects but are outside the scope of our own area of expertise, we contact universities, and work together with relevant experts and competent academics. All projects are under the protection of confidentiality agreements; and we are scrupulous about the ethical components as well as intellectual property issues.

Our goal in the projects we work on at the R&D Center is to develop new products and technologies that increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions with a focus on the environmental impacts.

At the Composite Technologies Center of Excellence that we established in cooperation with Sabancı University in 2014, we are active in postgraduate education, basic and implementer research, product development, production, incubation services and commercialization activities on composite material technologies.

We also continue branding processes of new products. In 2015, we added The Reinforcer brand to Twixtra, Monolyx, Capmax, Hartech and Kratos brands we created since the establishment of our R&D Center.

In 2016, we registered our green cord’s industrial design. We also established a concrete laboratory to speed of new product development works of Construction Reinforcement Business Unit. At our Composite Technologies Business Unit, we produced hybrid weaved fabric and with the resin systems we developed, we achieved to produce carbon, glass and aramid prepregs.