Date Publications Heading
12.09.2018 Ekonomist Revenues from new products are increasing
27.07.2018 Hürriyet Daily Turkish firm eyes growth in the US
27.07.2018 Hürriyet Daily Kordsa acquires two US companies
27.07.2018 Sabah Local technology company acquires two US companies
26.07.2018 Akşam Kordsa becomes a supplier to ‘space'
26.07.2018 Dünya Kordsa acquired 2 composite companies in the US
26.07.2018 Hürriyet Sabancı will reinforce the US!
26.07.2018 Posta Kordsa will protect aircrafts from lightning
26.07.2018 Star Kordsa will continue to grow in the US
26.07.2018 Vatan Kordsa will reinforce the wings of aircrafts after the tires
26.07.2018 Yeni Mesaj Kordsa acquired two companies in the US
26.07.2018 Yeni Şafak Kordsa reinforces 2out of every 3 three aircraft tires
26.07.2018 Yeni Akit $100 million investment from Kordsa
26.07.2018 Türkiye Kordsa will reinforce the US
26.07.2018 Sözcü Penetrated into commercial aviation industry
26.07.2018 Milliyet Kordsa became the reinforcement giant, now Mars is Next
26.07.2018 Dünya Acquiring two companies in the US, Kordsa will produce to giants
26.07.2018 Cumhuriyet Kordsa rised into space
21.06.2018 Dünya Kordsa will reinforce the hulls and wings of aircrafts.
20.06.2018 Dünya We have inorganic growth plans in composite technologies.
03.06.2018 Ekonomist We will create another Kordsa with our investments in composite technologies.
09.04.2018 Star Kordsa grows in America
01.04.2018 Yapı Malzeme Kordsa participated in world's largest composite fair..
01.04.2018 Yapı Malzeme Kordsa continued to grow in 2017.
12.03.2018 Sanayi Kordsa makes a record number of patent applications
09.03.2018 Karar Kordsa presented its new technologies in Paris
01.03.2018 Metal Makina Kordsa reinforces the future with the youth
01.03.2018 Turkishtime Kordsa reinforces every one in three automobile tires and every two in three aircraft tires worldwide.
16.02.2018 Kocaeli New award to Kordsa
08.02.2018 Kocaeli Kordsa supports youth.
04.02.2018 Bizim Gazete Kordsa made a record number of patent application in 2017
01.02.2018 Panorama Kordsa continues to reinforce the future
02.01.2018 Dünya Kordsa opens its technology to the industry
08.11.2017 Dünya Kordsa Reinforces Life
06.11.2017 Milliyet Kordsa develops new technologies in composite materials.
01.11.2017 Turkish Time We allocate 2% of gross revenue to R&D investments.
23.10.2017 IRJ Turkey’s global reinforcer determined to create value
21.08.2017 Industry Europe Reinforcing Sustainable Tire Technology
14.08.2017 Indian Rubber Journal Kordsa calls for open innovation at Michelin Challenge Bibendum
02.08.2017 Tire Technology Rolling Resistance Focus
10.07.2017 İnşaat Dünyası Kordsa presented its innovative concrete reinforcement synthetic fiber Kratos
28.06.2017 BloombergBusinessWeek Lighter and Stronger
07.06.2017 Dünya Kordsa created two new businesses and targets %25 aggressive growth.
25.05.2017 ST Otomasyon Kordsa Controls Efficiency With The Data Collected From 50 Thousand Points In Its Facilities.
02.11.2016 Dünya Kordsa is increasing the capacity in Indonesia through polyester investment
07.10.2016 Dünya We are creating value through consuming resources less
04.10.2016 All Publications Among the Best R&D Centers of the Year 3rd time in a Row!
01.10.2016 Bağlantı Noktası Kordsa’s Innovative Solutions for Transportation Projects
24.08.2016 All Publications Composite Technologies Center of Excellence Opening Ceremony
24.08.2016 Hürriyet İsmet Berkan article on Composite Technologies Center of Excellence Opening Ceremony
01.08.2016 İnşaat Dünyası Light Rail Systems are being Reinforced by Kordsa
15.07.2016 Dünya How to Become a Sustainable Brand
01.07.2016 Fortune Fortune 500 – Leadership Position in Advanced Technology
01.07.2016 Digital Age Infografik Kordsa Digital Age Infographic
26.06.2016 Bloomberg Business Week Kordsa is one of the Best Employer Brands of Brazil!
24.06.2016 Dünya Ekonomi Kordsa R&D Center: 115 Projects in 7 Years
24.06.2016 Hürses Kordsa is one of the Best Employer Brands of Brazil!
07.06.2016 HR Kordsa Receives Corporate Awareness Award for the 2nd Time
27.05.2016 Capital Diversity Brings Success
13.05.2016 BursaKent Innovative Award
13.05.2016 BursaKent Innovative Days in R&D Market
01.05.2016 Turizm Kongre The CEO of Kordsa Explains "How to be A Sustainable Brand" at the 14th Edition of the Quality and Success Symposium.
01.05.2016 Capital Secret of a Fast Leader
03.04.2016 Capital Most Patient CEOs
18.04.2016 Cumhuriyet Pehlivan Elektrak on Balcan Tour
03.04.2016 Ekonomist Kordsa aims at Sustainability Index
28.03.2016 Hürriyet Target is 20% increase in revenue
26.03.2016 HaberTurk Kordsa headed to construction
25.03.2016 Yeni Şafak 2016 Looks Better
25.03.2016 Yeni Yüzyıl 116 million TL profit from Kordsa Gobal
25.03.2016 Zaman Turkish signature in two out of three aircraft tires
25.03.2016 Türkiye Kordsa became the solution partner of giant construction projects
25.03.2016 Sabah Competitors want Kordsa R&D products
25.03.2016 Milliyet Kordsa enlarged the target through new products
25.03.2016 Dünya Korda Global enlarged the target in composite and construction
25.03.2016 Cumhuriyet Kordsa will grow by 20%
08.03.2016 Dünya Kordsa introduced environment friendly Green TCF
16.03.2016 Hürriyet IK Career Path – Cenk Alper, CEO
16.03.2016 Dünya Politika Ekonomi An interview with Cenk Alper, CEO
24.02.2016 Fortune Turkey Arzu Ergene is among the 50 Most Influential CFOs of Turkey
23.02.2016 Technology Trends in Textile Marketing
11.12.2015 Hurriyet Gila Benmayor Interview with Cenk Alper
09.12.2015 Dünya Kordsa Received Turkish Exporters Assembly Inovation Strategy Award
20.11.2015 Kocaeli Çağdaş Kordsa had a session on “Open Innovation” at 24th Quality Congress
06.11.2015 Cumhuriyet Kordsa 3 rd Quarter Results
19.10.2015 Bugün Kordsa is R&D Champion of Turkey
12.10.2015 Peryön Magazine Hakan Öker’s interview; Chief Human Resources Officer is at Peryön Magazine
07.10.2015 CNBC-e Piyasa Ekranı
21.08.2015 Bloomberg TV Piyasa Hattı
14.08.2015 The Turkish Perspective According to the best: Kordsa
09.06.2015 Para Magazine The Most Successful R&D Center of Textile
01.05.2015 Cemen Türk A New Era in Concrete Reinforcement: KraTosTM marks the beginning with a New Generation of Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement!
03.04.2015 Tekstil İşveren Kordsa's Success Story of 2014
01.04.2015 CNBC-e İş Dünyasından
10.03.2015 Önce Kalite Journey to Excellence became a hobby for the companies
13.02.2015 Polymers and Tyre Asia Kordsa is Reinforcing Asia
12.02.2015 Bloomberg TV Piyasa Hattı
13.02.2014 Tire Technology International Kordsa New Technology - Tire Technology International Awards 2014 nominee "Environmental Achievement of the Year"
23.11.2012 CNN Türk Paranın İzi
29.09.2009 CNBC-e Analiz

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