After Capmax®, Twixtra®, Monolyx® and Hartech, our new concrete reinforcement material KraTosTM was introduced to the market in 2014 and enabled Kordsa’s leap into a new market with an innovative product.

Capmax is an innovative cap ply soution designed to replace calendered cap ply strips in tire

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Monolyx is a multi-ply monofilament cord for tire reinforcement made from synthetic monofilament fibres with 3-7 plies.

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Twixtra product range is the combination of different kinds of fibers in one cord to design a new set of properties which is impossible to obtain from a single material.

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Kratos is a Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement solution to be used in all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure projects as a shrinkage reinforcement material to prevent early age cracking.

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Hartech High Adhesion Retention Technology is an advanced dipping technology specially designed to protect polyester adhesion properties.

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